An open letter to Gabby from Love Island

Dear Gabby,

We all take Love Island with a pinch of salt. It’s not how real people behave or even how they look. But ever since you joined the show, you’ve brought a breath of fresh air because finally, we have a woman we can relate to. (Aside from Montana always sitting to the side having a snack whilst everyone one else is having a blazing row, that’s a little bit of all of us).

Which is why it broke my heart to see you feeling insecure last night. As a woman with zero agenda, I can honestly tell you yours is the body I most aspire to in there because it’s strong and healthy. You make exercise and looking toned desirable and as a woman with thighs who could crush a mans skull, I thank you for that. I have a young Niece who loves to run, jump and get muddy and I never want her to avoid exercise or doing what she loves because she believes killer abs or the ability to do a pull up isn’t deemed ‘sexy’.

Let’s take some perspective for a moment and remember the types of people we will see entering that villa. It’s a reality show at the end of the day, so what better way to increase views than make drama. And what better way to create drama than to send in a guy after one of the girls coupled up. Can’t go for Montana or you because you are both level headed and loyal. Better yet, go for the girls who are easily swayed who have been know to kick and scream when things go South. Easy pickings for great TV.

I know you feel inferior compared to those girls because they are all stunning. But that doesn’t make you any less gorgeous as a result. And I may not be in direct competition with them like you are but girl, you’ve already won. You’re beautiful inside and out. You are realistic about love and don’t string people along. You have got a guy who picked you and only you, who adores you and won’t trade you in for the next shiny thing that comes along. Please don’t mistakenly swap all this for balloon tits and attention off guys who really don’t matter.

Always remember Gabby, this isn’t the real world and these guys are not representative of all the blokes watching Love Island saying phwoar, get me a bit of Gabs or the girls now hitting the gym to sculpt their arms like yours. You’re funny, you’re intelligent and we love you.

Love, every Love Island fan ever.


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